T3 iPad Edition: Product Ownership, Creative Lead

My brief was to design and build a digital version for T3 magazine, including build a design team and subsequent project and app management, advertising solutions and marketing spots, also included interface/paywall design, writing T&Cs and FAQ options, and running a customer services desk for readers. Skills involved: design, iconography, user experience and research, Q&A, app build and testing, app submission, a solid understanding of ecommerce for publishing, and project management. Epic project.

Further examples

Blanco: Ecommerce website design + typography
Osborne: App, UX design
Condé Nast: App design, UX, AEM Mobile
Team Rock: digital consultancy & user experience design
Elle Magazine: UX, content design, digital training
Town & Country: interactive & user experience design
British GQ + Vogue: content design and UX
Men's Style Fashion Book: Design
Good Fabs: brand + website design
Arsenal FC: digital design + consultancy
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