Art direction - Movie PR and marketing

I worked across a variety of film and movie/DVD publications from 2005-2009 - working closely with clients from Sky TV, to Warner Brothers and more. Often involved improvising with film PR shots and promotional imagery, and ensuring the final product was following brand guidelines. Really enjoyed this level and variety of work, while at the same time managing a small design team of three.

Further examples

British GQ + Vogue: content design and UX
BBC Good Food: UX design, content design
British GQ: Design & art direction / typography
Various: advertising creative for brands
Evolved Media: brand design, website
Cosmopolitan: UX, content design, digital training
British GQ: Design & art direction / typography
Promise short film PR design
Condé Nast: App design, UX, AEM Mobile
Interopa Sport: Brand and Web Design
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