Various: advertising creative for brands

Interactive adverts for several lifestyle media brands. Art direction for photoshoots, working to brand guidelines, creative copywriting, direction and design, wireframe and final artworking

Interactive advertisement for Renault's Electric Range - video / user experience
Interactive Advertising for OLYMPUS UK's PEN range of cameras.
Interactive advertising for Panasonic LUMIX G cameras. video / commerce / marketing
Interactive Advertisement for Bowers & Wilkins P3 headphones.
Interactive Advertising for LG Cinema 3D Television Range. Layout, art direction, copywriting.
Content marketing design for Samsung's Galaxy S5
Interactive advertisement for Canon UK. Art direction, product photography, copywriting, design.
Interactive creative for Ford UK - one in a series of ten. Interactive design, user experience.
Interactive advertisement for EPSON, concepts, design, shoots and art direction.
Interactive Advertisement for Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin. All design, art direction, copywriting.
Interactive advertisement for Audi in the UK, working for BBH in London.

Further examples

Art direction - Movie PR and marketing
The R&A Open Golf: Digital Brand Book App
Men's Style Fashion Book: Design
Elle Magazine: UX, content design, digital training
Good Fabs: brand + website design
Circus: Launch pitch, design, art direction, brand
Osborne: App, UX design
Team Rock: digital consultancy & user experience design
Town & Country: interactive & user experience design
BBC Top Gear: digital design+ consultancy
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